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The Book, 1975 OilThe Book 1975 oil

Rembrandt is a favorite Old Master of mine, and I loved the size of my Rembrandt book in the old chair. There he sits, posing for me in the silence.

Still Life with Microscope, 1978 OilStill Life with Microscope 1978 oil

Here a selection from the collection sit together to act out something I should think about.

Gulf Beach, 1995 OilGulf Beach 1995 oil

In Indian Rocks Beach the sand, water and people continue the traditional love affair in the sun.

Grill, 1982 OilGrill 1982 oil

In the days when derelict cars were abundant throughout the land, I made the discovery of endless beauty in rusted paint and chrome.

Island Backyard, 1997 OilIsland Backyard 1997 oil

Our upstairs apartment light looked down at the night's water ablaze with the lights from the mainland.

The Intersection, 1996 OilThe Intersection 1996 oil

A dairy farm near Rose Hill is cooled and warmed in summer's peak.

Causeway, 1997 OilCauseway 1997 oil

The crossing of the intercoastal toward Belleair Bluffs allows a little sandy drive along the mangroves.

Otisco Marina, 1999 OilOtisco Marina 1997 oil

The time of day is spectacular, but so short. The water is endlessly alluring.

An Expected Return, 1997 OilAn Expected Return 1997 oil

This Norton Road barn in Onondaga Hill, south of Syracuse, collapsed in 2001, due to about a hundred seasons of midwinter thaws.

Southern Hills, 1998 OilSouthern Hills 1998 oil

Looking south from Onondaga Hill, the orchards lay shadowed from the last few minutes of day.

Beach Twilight, 1996 OilBeach Twilight 1996 oil

An inviting beach access hints at the imminent pleasures of the sunset.

Otisco Lake with Moon, 1999 OilOtisco Lake with Moon 1999 oil

This view from the lake side is a fishermen's spot. Bringing the painting home was the catch of the day for me.